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Simple Single Dial Radionics Device

This Single Dial Mind Radionics Machine.

Single Dial Radionics Machine Radun101


Radun101  $100  Free Shipping

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Size of the box is 80mm x 60mm x 65mm over the dials
This is a 1 dial mind machine, no batteries or electricity.

Single Dial Radionics Machine Radun101

Although this is called a simple Radionics box it is simple in appearance but not quite so simple to use unless you are proficient in meditation. You have to be able to clear your mind and concentrate on the task in hand, healing or manifestation. If your mind drifts during the setup the chances of success are not so good. Once you have mastered the process it is a fantastic tool as it can be carried in your pocket or bag and used at a moment’s notice where ever you are.

This item comes complete with full instructions for use.


This Radionics box is mind manifesting tool; it incorporates the power of the mind and scientific technology to aid manifestation. There are no outside contacts plugs or sockets or batteries this is a mind powered machine. We manifest everything around us on this physical plane every second of our existence using our minds. The manifestation trick is to manifest what we really want not what we are programmed by outside influences to create. Friends, parents, governments, teachers and authority are all outside influences.

As we advance on our spiritual journey, life and technology should become simpler not more complicated as it seems to be getting at the moment.
In our ancient past, we created everything we required. With the use of crystals and the power of the mind, but today we seem to be creating a very detrimental environment that we have to live in in our so-called modern times.

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Size of the box is 80mm x 60mm x 65mm over the dials
This is a 1 dial mind machine, no batteries or electricity.

Why add negative energy?
Contained within the body of the box is one Orgone beamer module, a wire wrapped laser crystal and a wire wrapped vile of pure water. Herkimer Diamonds are also compressed within the Orgone Matrix.

This item comes complete with full instructions for use.

Radionics Unleashed

Body – Mind – Time – Correction

Radionic Machines that are made using Orgone matrix material are ideal machines for healing or manifestation.

Radionics can be used as stand-alone healing devices or they can be used in conjunction with Reiki, Spiritual and Biofield repair and healing.

Let’s now discover the various aspects that are important in this process.


We consider ourselves as flesh, bone, blood and a physical solid being that can move, pick up things, eat, drink and break bones. In other words, we are solid material beings that could not be made up of energy! But in reality, your Body is a complicated collection of energies and frequencies of varying densities.


Mind does not mean Brain.
The brain is a physical part of the material body.
The brain is the auto pilot of the physical body.
The mind is not physical!
Thought is not physical!
The brain is physical!
Thought does not originate from the brain!
Thought comes from the Universal Consciousness, mind, The I am, God, the Universal Energy or whatever label you wish to put upon it. But not the brain!


Time is created for us to survive in the physical. When we are in the physical we have a start (birth) and an end (death) so time is a straight line. Birth———————–Death and everything in between is our “life” our physical life. Time is a delay! If time is taken out of the equation healing and manifestation can be instant. If thought or mind power is used to achieve, then time is not a factor because mind is not physical


Radionics is the Correction Apparatus that can be used to rectify problems in health and surroundings. Radionics allows healing to take place outside the physical environment, thus eliminating “Time.” The mind is integrated with physical laws and science to make connections with the Universal Consciousness outside of the time restraints. Making the time issue, irrelevant.


Single Dial Radionics Machine Radun101


Radun101  $100  Free Shipping

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