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Welcome to the Cosmic Order Shop

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The Cosmic Order Shop is divided into Nine Sections.

Cosmic Order Shop SECTION ONE

Radionics Machines, ranging from simple single dial whishing machines through to a Single Dial machine with Rods of Oneness beamers, Crystal Powered Amplifier and a Crystal Powered Transmitter.

Next is the Three Dial Range.

From simple 3 dial Radionics Device to Radionics Box with all the bells and wistles.

Followed by the Seven Dial Range

Again the simple 7 Dial Radionics Black Box through to the Deluxe Version Radionics Machine

A few extras are available Crystal Powered Amplifier and Crystal Powered Transmitter and Rods of Oneness handheld Beamers. These items arecompatable with all Radun Machines that have a 3.5mm mono jack socket. These item will also fit with most radionics machine with a 3.5mm mono socket fitted


Orgone Pendants range from Capsual Orgone Pendants in 6 Colours to copper range and finally the Tibetan Silver Range. Quick note about Tibetan Silver,

* Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewellery components, and is similar to pewter – an alloy of copper, and sometimes tin or nickel, with a small percentage of pure silver.

Its overall appearance is of aged silver, but it can be polished to provide highlights on complex castings.

The nickel content is nowadays reduced or absent, due to common allergies to this metal.

The related term ‘Nepalese silver’, however, seems to have held on to the higher silver content and association with quality metal smithing.

Currently, jewellery, beads and castings described as ‘Tibetan Silver’ tends to be a base iron ‘cheese metal’ casting, overlaid with this pewter and silver plating. Dependent on source, these can be either thick and robust, or attractive but easily broken due to a loose, fragile inner casting.

The latter productions are therefore only suitable for small castings up to around 12mm, or transient ‘fashion’ jewellery with a short lifespan.


Rods of Oneness self development tools to centre, ground and connect left and right side of the brain.


Orgone Energy Converters transmute negative energy DOR into Positive energy POR Remember Energy can only be changed or transmuted never destroyed.


Orgone Wands most of the wands in this section are Orgone Copper wands that can be used for Healing, magnifying energy, in conjunction with magic and spells, transferring energy or moving energy. The range covers small pocket wands or beamers to Reiki wands, self healers and 27inch directional wands.


Chem busters or Cloud busters The range consists of small personal chembusters suitable as a desk top version through to an eight foot garden KIT The two largest chembusters come as a kit which includes the base unit with copper pipe connectors, the top collar and the fixings to locate the top collar. The 6or 8 foot copper pipes are not supplied as the shipping is in excess of $250 US because they are so long. Most couriers will not even handle an item that long. Hence the kit to keep the cost down


Metaphysical Books of all kinds powered by Amazon


Orgone Pyramids are excellent for clearing rooms, protection and energising. They incorporate the Pyramid Power and the transmutation of negative energy or DOR into positive Life Force Energy or POR


Dowsing section covers dowsing tools from Orgone Pendulums, Bobbers, Dowsing Wands and 2 types of L Rods that are fixed handles and 2 types of L Rods were the rods rotate inside the handles


This covers Orgone Charging plates and Interdenominational Doorways


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