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Radun909 Rods of Oneness Hand held Beamers

Radun909 Rods of Oneness Hand held Beamers








Radun909    $169  Free Shipping

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Radun909 can be used with the following Radun Radionics Machines or any machine with 2 x 3.5mm jack sockets.

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These beamers can be used as stand alone items and used in the same way as a normal set of Rods


Radun Machines this item can be used with

Radun706   Can be added

Radun707   Can be added

Radun708   Fitted as Standard

Radun709   Fitted as Standard

Radun302   Can be added

Radun305   Can be added

Radun306   Fitted as Standard

Radun307   Fitted as Standard

Radun308   Can be added

Radun102   Can be added

Radun103   Can be added

Radun104   Fitted as Standard

Radun105   Fitted as Standard


Radun909    $169  Free Shipping

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