Plug in Crystal Powered Amplifier

Radionics Machine Amplifier Crystal Powered

Radionics Machine Amplifier Radun911

Crystal Amplifier Radun911


The Amplifier come with a 500cm lead with a 3.5mm mono jack plug on each end. The box its self is 11cm x 5.5cm x 2.1cm thick. It has 2 x 3.5mm mono sockets one at each end.





Radionics Machine Amplifier Crystal Powered

Radun911   $95   Free Shipping

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This amplifier is designed to amplify your broadcast, give it more energy.

Radun Machines the Amplifier will fit are as follows

Radun706   Fitted as Standard

Radun707   Can be added

Radun708   Can be added

Radun709   Fitted as Standard

Radun302   Can be added

Radun305   Can be added

Radun306   Can be added

Radun307   Fitted as Standard

Radun308   Fitted as Standard

Radun102   Can be added

Radun103   Fitted as Standard

Radun104   Can be added

Radun105   Fitted as Standard

The device can be fitted to other devices as long as they have a 3.5mm mono jack socket.

The amplifier can be fitted between each of the handheld beamers and the body of the machine to boost your contact with the machine.

Radionics Machine Amplifier

Radun911   $95   Free Shipping

Buy Radun911 Crystal Amplifier NOW





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