How to Start Pendulum Dowsing

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Orgone Pendulum

A pendulum is a weight on the end of a length of cord or chain which is moved by your muscle twitches and bodily movements instructed by your higher self or Universal consciousness which ever label you wish to put on it. In other words a pendulum is a language translator from the part of you that knows every thing to your conscious mind. Some people do not need a pendulum they have a channel direct to the source of all.

 Using a Pendulum.

First get your weight on the end of a cord or chain. Make sure you are happy with its weight [not too heavy or too light] there are many styles and shapes and sizes available on the retail market.

Hold your pendulum by the cord between your thumb and your index finger at what ever length feels right to you [there are no rules in dowsing it is whatever works and feels right to you; as you progress you will adapt your own style for we are all different]

My pendulum arm is usually tucked fairly tightly into my body at the elbow, this enables me to be able to dowse for sometime without my arm aching. I then move my lower arm out in front of me to a comfortable position. You are now ready to start.

First set your site on something other than the pendulum in front of you. Get comfortable and in your mind ask the pendulum to show you the movement that will be used to indicate a YES answer. It may be a clockwise rotation or a diagonal swing or any movement. You can start by holding the pendulum perfectly still or you can

give it a little swing to give it momentum. Once you have established a YES movement, do exactly the same for a NO movement. You now have the basics of  pendulum dowsing.

Now try asking the pendulum for a YES and when you have a good YES ask it to show you a NO and without stopping and starting again watch the pendulum change to a NO try this several times without stopping.

Now there are a few other things to establish, you need to know what movement will be used to answer a question if you are not to know the answer. This question may be a question that you alone have to answer, they come up some times or if it is not for you to know. So ask for a movement for I WILL NOT ANSWER THIS

QUESTION.  Now just one more ask for a movement for WAITING, this is used if you have asked a multiple answer question or a poorly put together question.

Caution is needed about the questions you ask. BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU WORD YOUR QUESTIONS you may ask something and mean something else.

You should now have four different movements of your pendulum meaning four different things. Now practise ask your pendulum different questions you know the answers to “Is my name Clint Eastwood” you should get a NO unless your name is Clint Eastwood.

“Is my name…………….. “ [use your real name]  you should get a YES.

Use similar questions to these to test your pendulum and your connection.

Some people say you should use a set format to get your YES and NO like YES will be a clock wise movement and a NO is anti clockwise and you should write with your right hand and go to bed at 11 o’clock and get up at 7 o’clock. We need to retain our power and do it our own way.

There are no rules in dowsing

Some more things to try.

Ask questions that you do not know the answers to.

Get two pieces of paper that look the same put a mark on one turn them upside down so you cannot see the mark mix them up and find the paper with the mark by dowsing. Then try with three pieces of paper work up slowly gain confidence there is nothing worse that forging ahead with more and more complicated tests and then starting to get some wrong, it may put you off and doubt your confidence. So take it slow and build on your confidence because you will be asking some very important questions later and you must have confidence in your pendulum and the language it converts for you.


If you wish to find something you can use a map; holding the pendulum as normal asking for a YES sign when your other hand which is passing over a map or plan finds the area you believe the item to be in. Another way is just to walk and ask the pendulum to give you a yes when you are over the item lost. You can also look for

energy positive or negative by using the yes for positive energy and the no for negative energy. You can find the edge of a person’s aura or almost anything.


Now go practise and become very confident with your Pendulum it is a link with other realms enabling you to communicate with them.


One final word always ask if it is a good time to use your pendulum and if the answer is YES ask if it will give a truthful answer for the highest good. Always treat your answers with respect.


Happy Pendulum Dowsing