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Orgone Tachyon Fusion 7 Dial Radionics Box

7 Dial Orgone Tachyon Fusion Radionics Machine White Box (Radun70w)

Radun70w Orgone Tachyon Fusion Radionic Machines


Box size 222mm x 150mm x 64mm high
Total height over dials is 80mm.
This is a Seven dial mind machine.



Radun70W $300   Free Shipping

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Radionics Machine Radun70W

The extra components in this box are two large Orgone Tachyon Fusion beamer pads with a wire wrapped laser crystal in each Orgone Tachyon Fusion beamer pad.

No batteries or electricity are used, why use negative energy? (See below)
This is my latest creation that incorporates the power of Orgone energy fused with the powerof Tachyon energy all put together in a 7 dial Radionics Machine.
The main plates are Black Tachyon Plates. And the main Orgone area has been replaced with an Orgone Tachyon Fusion section. This is the first of a whole family of White Boxes that will incorporate the Orgone Tachyon Fusion technology that will boost the output dramatically.

Testing on this latest White Box has been very good with dramatic improvements.

This item comes complete with full instructions for use.

The Orgone pendulum is supplied to fix the rate.
This is not a toy and must be treated with respect as in the wrong
hands this machine can be very dangerous.
Radionic Machines that are made using Orgone matrix material are ideal machines for healing or manifestation.
Radionics can be used as stand-alone healing devices or they can be used in conjunction with Reiki, Spiritual and Bio field repair and healing.

Let’s now discover the various aspects that are important in this process.


We consider ourselves as flesh, bone, blood and a physical solid being that can move, pick up things, eat, drink and break bones. In other words, we are solid material beings that could not be made up of energy! But in reality, your Body is a complicated collection of energies and frequencies of varying densities.


Mind does not mean Brain.
The brain is a physical part of the material body.
The brain is the auto pilot of the physical body.
The mind is not physical!
Thought is not physical!
The brain is physical!
Thought does not originate from the brain!
Thought comes from the Universal Consciousness, mind, the I am, God, the Universal Energy or whatever label you wish to put upon it. But not the brain!


Time is created for us to survive in the physical. When we are in the physical we have a start (birth) and an end (death) so time is a straight line. Birth———————–Death and everything in between is our “life” our physical life. Time is a delay! If time is taken out of the equation healing and manifestation can be instant. If thought or mind power is used to achieve, then time is not a factor because mind is not physical


Radionics is the Correction Apparatus that can be used to rectify problems in health and surroundings. Radionics allows healing to take place outside the physical environment, thus eliminating “Time.” The mind is integrated with physical laws and science to make connections with the Universal Consciousness outside of the time restraints. Making the time issue, irrelevant.

Just remember where and how you live your life is what you personally create for yourself.
I know this statement will cause a flood of emails but if you cannot accept it then just let it go until you are ready to accept it because I have enough emails to deal with at the moment thank you

A quote I find so very very true

“For we were brought up and conditioned to believe that science either knew all the answers, or was just about to find them. It seems clear now that a huge slice of knowledge has been left out”
T.C. Lethbridge

Science only has a few of the answers and ridicules anything that doesn’t fall in to a category it can understand.

I have been Making, Developing and Designing Radionics Machines, Orgone Pendants, Wands and other Metaphysical Energy Tools since 2000 in the Retail and Wholesale markets. In this time I have fine-tuned the results of my Orgone and Tachyon Orgone Fusion products. I have used Aura Camera Computerised technology in real time to improve my products and ensure that they work. Other equipment that I have used in this processes are PIP Photograph, Kirlian Photograph and Bioresonance Frequency testing.

This is a mind manifesting tool incorporating the power of the mind and the technology of Radionics to manifest. We are all capable of manifesting and we do every second of our existence (on this physical plane). The trick is to manifest what we really want not what we are programmed by outside influences to create. (Outside influences:~ parents, friends, governments, teachers, authority etc).



As we advance on our spiritual journey, life and technology should get simpler not more complicated as it seems to be getting at the moment. We seem to have forgotten the powers we had in the ancient past when mind power and crystals created everything we needed without the detrimental environment we have to live in today created by our modern day living.

There are 2 copper contact points between the three dials, place a finger on each of the contact points to enable you to physically charge the machine and crystal with your thoughts, so be careful. Now just sit with your 2 fingers on the black contacts and concentrate on what you want, but again be very careful what you concentrate on. These 2 contact points allow you to meditate or visualize your desires and become part of the machine. You can perform this operation for as long or short as you feel is sufficient. The beauty of this facility is that you can charge your machine whenever you feel like it almost like a booster mechanism which most machines do not have.

Box size 222mm x 150mm x 64mm high

Total height over dials is 80mm.
This is a Seven dial mind machine.

Radun70w Orgone Tachyon Fusion Radionic Machines







Radun70W $300   Free Shipping

Buy Radun70W Orgone Tachyon Fusion Radionics Machine NOW





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