Orgone Beamer Pyramid Green

Orgone Pyramid Green

Very powerful Orgone pyramid.  It is 135mm square base by 86mm tall. Made completely of Orgone Matrix Material with 1 wire wrapped Quartz crystal plus 4 Quartz crystals  and 2 Herkimer’s

 Orgone Energy Pyramid Green

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 Giza Orgone Pyramid in Miniature

PYR01GThis Orgone Pyramid is made of Green coloured Orgone Matrix Material incorporating a large wire wrapped quartz crystal, singing quartz crystals and Herkimer Diamonds. The base is covered with cork to protect any surface this pyramid is placed on.

If the height is greater than the base it is the wrong shape for a Giza Pyramid this is what gives it its Pyramid Power (Sacred Geometry)

This Orgone Pyramid is a serious piece of energy technology and as we are all made up of energy what better energy tool to own for Healing and Manifestation

I have been Making, Developing and Designing Orgone Pendants, Wands and other Metaphysical Energy Tools for the past 12 Plus years in the Retail and Wholesale markets.

In this time I have fine-tuned the results of my Orgone and Tachyon Orgone Fusion products. I have used Aura Camera Computerised technology in real time to improve my products and ensure that they work. Other equipment that I have used in this processes are PIP Photograph, Kirlian Photograph and Bioresonance Frequency testing.

Orgone energy is the creative force in nature”
– Wilhelm Reich

What is Orgone energy

Orgone energy is Wilhelm Reich’s name for the substratum from which all nature is created.


Orgone works continuously without being charged, cleansed or programmed as the Orgone Material acts as an antenna to attract the pure Orgone to you. Turns negative energy into positive energy. Orgone inspires a pleasant demeanour and balanced, happier moods.

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich in his psychiatric work. As a psychoanalyst and student of Freud, Reich’s point of departure was, quite naturally, Freud’s concept of “libido. ” “Libido” is life energy, desire, the source of human striving. Reich developed the libido concept, concentrating on its physical expression and simultaneous psychological content, until he was able to show the relation of bodily attitude and emotion. This he described in CHARACTER ANALYSIS, a book which went further than any work in history involving the mystery of
the relation’ of mind and body. In this great book Reich also described the mass pathology of the animal man, This pathology consists of a chronic rigidity of the musculature which blocks the movement of energy underlying emotion and hence blocks the emotion, thus providing the psychic or emotional underpinning of mankind’s universal sickness.

Reich’s initial work on Orgone energy was done, then, in depth psychology. From this it spread, quite naturally, into sociology and political science, for Reich saw quite clearly that the sickness of man was socially or culturally transmitted. His books, THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM, THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION and PEOPLE IN TROUBLE deal with this enlargement of his depth psychological discoveries to the social and political scene.

It was natural for a mind like Reich’s to generalize and deepen his understanding of libidinal energy, and as he did his medical work expanded beyond the field of psychiatry into more general areas of medicine and biology. The concept of libidinal energy developed into the more concrete concept of “bioelectricity,” which soon proved not to be
electricity and in time was renamed “Orgone energy.” Books dealing with this phase of Reich’s discoveries are THE FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM and THE CANCER BIOPATHY. These books constitute Volumes 1 and 2 of THE DISCOVERY OF THE ORGONE, Reich’s presentation to the world of the discovery of Orgone energy.

Although Orgone energy was first discovered in the human body, Reich learned through painstaking observation and experiment that it existed in free form in the atmosphere. With this finding, Reich’s work transcended the boundaries of biology and entered the realm of meteorology and atmospheric physics. These developments are described in THE CANCER BIOPATHY, THE ORANUR EXPERIMENT, and a series of articles which are covered under the general title of “weather control studies, ” published in scientific journals.

The final and most general stage of Reich Is discoveries was the cosmic function of Orgone energy in the universe, and Reich here entered the realms of astronomy and astrophysics. Reich’s books dealing with this stage were COSMIC SUPERIMPOSITION and ETHER, GOD AND DEVIL.

As Reich progressed from the realm of psychiatry and medicine to biology, and from biology to physics, his concept of the energy which was the focus of all his scientific work retained its essential features. His understanding of the energy grew, and new properties were discovered, but the properties that had been discovered in the earlier, narrower realms remained true in the newer and broader ones. Through Reich’s work runs the remarkable “red thread,” the connectedness that shows each discovery to be a logical progression from the previous one, and each broader realm of nature studied to include the previous more restricted realm.
Orgone energy can get a bad press but my experiences with this energy have only been positive and this is backed up by the many emails I receive from satisfied customers with what they describe as miracle cures. I have used Orgone energy tools for many years now and I can say that I have not had even a sniffle in that time. I started with Orgone energy and progressed to Tachyon and the fusion just seemed the ultimate combination or marriage of these energies. Although these energies work independently of each other and are not needed by each other I feel they
enhance each other without being connected energetically only physically.

Food for thought

The predominant forces in our civilization are by their nature in opposition to the Orgone energy concept. It will hardly be sufficient to show how deep-seated and powerful these forces are, nor to show the extreme hatred and
fear that can arise from them; this is hard to believe until it is experienced personally, but to the skeptic, let me remind him that Reich’s publications were burned and banned on the flimsiest of pretexts by an agency of the
United States Government, that Reich himself died in a United States prison although entirely innocent of wrong-doing, and that Reich and his work have always been subject to the most incredible attacks, involving defamation, vilification, and gross distortions of facts.

Not everyone, not even a majority react maliciously to the Orgone energy concept. In fact, most people don’t know enough about it to have an inkling of what it really is. Those threatened by the concept have largely succeeded in preventing others from investigating the evidence that exists about it. If the concept is sufficiently ridiculed and defamed, if the scientific reputations of those who support the concept are destroyed, if the work that has been carried out in the field is made to seem absurd and undeserving of serious study, then the concept of Orgone energy can be carefully buried again, as it has been so many times in the past. There is then no necessity for scientists to examine the evidence, to repeat the experiments, or to contend with the carefully thought out and consistent
scientific writing the field contains. There will always be “experts” who will lend their authority to the burial by declaring the work unworthy of serious consideration.



Orgone Pyramid Green

PYR01G   $42 Free Shipping

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