Orgone Matrix Material

What is it? It is a matrix that attracts the Orgone out of the atmosphere. The matrix can be likened to a magnet for energy. The negative energy it attracts is instantly transmuted into positive Life Force energy so you constantly around  pure energy. Remember that Energy can not be destroyed only transmuted or changed into something else

The matrix I have refined over the years and my findings are as follows

A Coil is an Ariel or Transmitter

A Crystal is a Magnifier and sends the energy in a specific direction usually out of the tip or faceted point.

Reich noticed that there was an interaction between iron filings and coal dust, it was a push pull energy. On this observation he created an Orgone accumulator. This was constructed of layers of metal sheets and fibre board with a wooden outer case. The Orgone energy is attracted to the metal but needs to enter the metal through an organic material, it then passes through the next level and so on till the energy reaches the center of the box which must be metal so it will pass through to the body inside. That was a very simplistic explanation may be too simplistic but you get the idea.

I am horrified to see Orgone items with multiple crystals which shoot energy in all directions randomly instead of focused energy directed in a precise manner. The metal being random clock parts and other metal parts placed to make it look pretty. Orgone items are made to perform a specific task not as artistic pieces which are supposed to be pleasing to the eye. If you want a pretty piece of jewelry then make or buy one but it probably wont be an Safe Orgone Product. It seams to me that sellers are using the words Orgone and Tachyon and a fraise I coined ‘Orgone Tachyon Fusion’ as search words for products that have nothing to do with Orgone or Tachyon. Other people trade mark specific woods so no one can use them, I mean how pathetic is that?

Orgone matrix Material should be very simple one main crystal a metal and organic material and possibly a coil to direct the energy. Any more than that and you are starting to make a toxic soup of energies from numerous crystals spouting energy in all directions positive as well as negative.

An experiment you can try yourself

Get a cardboard box, line it with aluminium foil inside. Cover the outside with aluminium foil. You now have a cardboard box covered inside and outside with Aluminium Foil. The inside foil must not touch the outside foil. Now cover the outside foil with paper or card, then cover the paper/card with foil and so on for as many layers as you wish to do ending with a paper/card layer.

Orgone Matrix Material Experiment








I have tried using iron filings in the Matrix but that created unwanted magnetic fields which was not good at all as it seemed to interfered with the brainwaves I also tried Titanium but that was a bit better but impractical. I then tried Aluminium and that was the best of all the energy was smooth and gentle not harsh like using steel or iron. The best crystal is a quartz the bigger the better. Laser quartz is probably the best to use.

Single Copper coils  are the best to use Double wound coils are not so good. Te most effective coils are made with a 5-6mm gap between winding.


Orgone Matrix Material