L- Shape Dowsing Rod Deluxe

Crystal Powered Copper L Shaped Dowsing Rods

DR02 L Shaped Dowsing Rods DeluxeThese rods are 38cm long x 1cm, with an 15cm x 1.2cm handle in which the rod freely rotate. The outside covering of the Dowsing Rods handle is made of chromed copper.

The rods are made completely of copper incorporating  2 Herkimer Diamond in each rod. 1 Herkimer Diamond in the tip of the rod and one in the base of the handle. A New Concept of Dowsing Rods

L Shaped Dowsing Rods Deluxe

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Crystal Powered Copper L Shaped Dowsing Rods

The Atlantean Power Rod is one of the basic concepts of ancient technology. It consists of a copper tube which acts as the containment chamber for the life force energy extracted from the atmosphere is stored. The ends of the copper tube can have a copper cap or a crystal or both. The crystal acts as the focal point to use the captured energy. The crystal magnifies the contained life force or Orgone energy and allows you to direct this lifegiving energy in which ever direction you require.

The Atlantean Power Rod can be crafted in to many designs and shapes to achive different applications. If you take a long thin Anlanean Power rod and bend it in to an L shape it becomes a dowsing rod. Not just any dowsing rod be a highly sofficticated energy tool capable of many things. Because the rod is slim the crystals used should be of very high quality and preferably Herkimer Diamonds. This form of Quartz crystal contains around 10 times more energy field than normal quartz.

Atlantean technology and similar constructions are able to move or direct vast amounts of concentrated energy over any distance with out a time delay. An acomplished operator can use these energy tools and be capable of changing energy and mater on a sub atomic level at great distances. The tools are miniatur linear accelerator or subatomic particle beam generator.

As there are no moving parts in an Atlantean Power Rod the only movement is the enegy that passes through the rod. In its passive mode the Rod will exsume positive life force energy into its surroundings transmuting negative energy into positive life force energy. As Albert Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” That means you can only transmute negative energy, you can not destroy it.

The Planet acts as a massive transmuter of negative energy into positive. The Planet absorbs negative energy through the surface of the planet because the negative energy is attrected to the core of the planet. On the way through the planet the negative energy is converted or trasmuted into positive energy and expelled back into the atmosphere. If this did not happen the planet would be over run with negative energy in a very short time.

These Atlantean Power Rods/ Dowsing rods are capable of delivering a large amount of accurately focused energy at short or long distances with little or no time delay involved. The operator does not have to move or travel to affect its usage. These crystal energy tools, in the hands of an experienced operator, have the ability to reach out through space and time, trans-forming both energy and matter on a subatomic level. Transforming radioactive substances into harmless elements is now possible, as is removing other harmful substances like poison chemicals, dirty air, contaminated food and water, even from the Earth itself. These transmutations are completely natural processes. The Earth will disperse, transform, and purify itself over a long period of time; these devices merely speed up normal processes.


The Crystal Power Rod is in actuality a miniature linear accelerator. It is a subatomic particle beam generator. These are just smaller versions of the most powerful machines ever constructed. Many sub-atomic particles travel at nearly the speed of light. They also travel through all materials: Earth, wood, metal, concrete, and deep space.

This type and style of dowsing rod may feel instinctive and acquainted to many people especially people who belive they once lived in Atlantis. This type of energy tool is in balance with universal laws and physics. As we make strides into the future the machinary should become more basic and work with the energies of the planet with no pollution. The way we are going at the moment we are just polluting and putting the planet under imence strain and presier ripping the very resorces needed to keep transmuting negative energy in general

L Shape Dowsing Rods Deluxe

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