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Food Charging Orgone Disc 190mm

Orgone Charging Plate CP01

CP01 Orgone Charging Plate190 mm across x 12mm thick with cork base.

This is ideal for charging food, drinks, crystals etc. Compressed within the disc are copper coils and Herkimer Diamonds.




CP01    $35   Free Shipping

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 The Orgone Charging Plate by placing an object on the plate you are charging or cleansing  it or both. Time taken to charge an item about 2 minuets. The Orgone transmutes the negative energy or DOR into Positive life force energy POR. I have had reports that fruit tastes better and water feels much fresher.

More about Orgone

I have been Making, Developing and Designing  Orgone Pendants, Wands and other Metaphysical Energy Tools for the past 12 Plus years in the Retail and Wholesale markets.

In this time I have fine-tuned the results of my Orgone and Tachyon Orgone Fusion products. I have used Aura Camera Computerised technology in real time to improve my products and ensure that they work.

Other equipment that I have used in this processes are PIP Photograph, Kirlian Photograph and Bioresonance Frequency testing.

 What is Orgone Energy?

 This energy helps to break down the negative barriers which shroud us thus helping the energy to flow again and help us to become healthy. The negative barrier which I like to call this our ‘negative shroud’ obstructs the natural flow of energy which is needed to live a healthy and holistic life. The shroud we carry around with us is the main cause of the lifelessness which is the sickness of mankind to day, it is the cause of violence, uncouth behaviour, living in a negative frame of mind and the ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude which is so prevalent in society today. The Orgone Device works on the very simple process of organic and non-organic materials exciting and attracting the life force energy (Orgone energy) out of the atmosphere Orgone energy, the creative force in nature, is not a form of electromagnetism or of matter but is fundamental to both. It is the specific life energy, but life is only one particular manifestation of it. Orgone energy fills all space. It is present in differing degrees or concentrations (or “charges”) but is nowhere absent. It is present in a vacuum, whether within the atmosphere or in outer space. It is in this respect like the ether of pre-20th century physics.

Orgone works continuously without being charged, cleansed or programmed as the Orgone Material acts as an antenna to attract the pure Orgone to you.

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich in his psychiatric work. As a psychoanalyst and student of Freud, Reich’s point of departure was, quite naturally, Freud’s concept of “libido. ” “Libido” is life energy, desire, the source of human striving. Reich developed the libido concept, concentrating on its physical expression and simultaneous
psychological content, until he was able to show the relation of bodily attitude and emotion. This he described in CHARACTER ANALYSIS, a book which went further than any work in history involving the mystery of the relation’ of mind and body. In this great book Reich also described the mass pathology of the animal man, This pathology consists of a chronic
rigidity of the musculature which blocks the movement of energy underlying emotion and hence blocks the emotion, thus providing the psychic or emotional underpinning of mankind’s universal sickness.

Orgone Matrix Material consists of 50% metallic material and 50% non-metallic material and I like to try to keep it 50% Organic and 50% non-organic where ever possible.

CP01 Orgone Charging Plate




CP01    $35   Free Shipping

Buy  CP01 Orgone Charging Plate NOW



Orgone Charging Plate


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