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Dowsing, dowsing is about locating physical objects or obtaining answers to questions by using dowsing tools. It’s also about having fun, dowsing can become part of your life.

We all possess inner knowledge to look after ourselves in the most efficient way. Unfortunately  we dismiss this information and fail to act upon it. This information is from us with no agenda or prejudice but still we reject, why? Logic, history and habit backed up by Ego.  Ever had that feeling you should go a different route home? You reject it only to find the most horrendous traffic jam or worst still you are involved in an accident. If only you had taken note to your inner voice and acted upon it.

Dowsing can be used to locate water, food, minerals, people and lost items. Dowsing enables us to connect to our higher self, enabling us to ascertain information not readily available to us. Back in history dowsing was looked upon as black magic or work of the devil. It was thought at one time that the devil move to the pendulum or dowsing rod. Dowsing has also been used to catch criminals and sentence them.

If we jump forward to the present day dowsing can be used in a number of ways. Although dowsing is frowned upon by scientists as they cannot understand or quantify such a practice but it can be used very successfully in numerous situations. There are big multinational companies that use professional dowsers to locate, minerals, oil and water.

Dowsing Tools

Measuring Auras

L-rods and the Bobber are great tools for measuring the human aura. We all have an aura or bioenergy field which sustains our physical body. Basicaly the larger your aura the healthier you are, so it is quite good to find out how large or small your aura is. Smaller auras can be due to electro smog, EMF or just as simple as using your mobile phone a lot.

To measure the aura stand about twenty feet away from the person you are about to measure hold the L Rods in front of you and ask for the edge of the persons aura. If the rods open straight away you are too close. If they stay parallel then walk towords the person slowly until the rods start to move, they may open or cross. This is the edge of the aura. If you are using a bobber it will change its movement from it normal movement.

Once you have found the edge of the aura, mark the spot and hand the person a mobile phone making sure they didn’t have one while you were measuring in the first place. Try the the same test as above and see were the aura ends now. You may be supprised!

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