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Dowsing for Inner Clarity


Dowsing for Inner ClarityDowsing can give access to a wealth of inner knowledge and clarity

We all possess inner knowledge to look after ourselves in the most efficient way. Unfortunately  we dismiss this information and fail to act upon it. This information is from us with no agenda or prejudice but still we reject, why? Logic, history and habit backed up by Ego.  Ever had that feeling you should go a different route home? You reject it only to find the most horrendous traffic jam or worst still you are involved in an accident. If only you had taken note to your inner voice and acted upon it.

The inner voice is so small unless you have cultivated it and acted upon it on a regular basis. Habit, history, logic and the Ego inhibits you from taking action to take the replacement route or not to go to that party or take a latter train or just to avid an area. Your intuition knew, but you just did not take action Will you listen and act upon a feeling or intuition next time? Pigs might fly! Continuing in the same mind set will not encourage change and you will stay in the same old, same old.

History will be telling you it’s been OK until now why change. Habit will say almost the same and logic will follow in line and they are all backed up by good old dependable Ego who must be in charge.

These feelings and inner voice need an amplifier or a physical  method of indicating your inner knowing to cut through filtration system produced by basically your Ego.  Dowsing will cut though the logic, history and habit filter and will deepen your communication with your higher self.

Different Types of Dowsing

Orgone Pendulum DR06

Orgone Pendulum to set the Rate


Basically a weight on the end of a thread.   More





L Shaped Dowsing Rods Crystal Powered DR01

L shaped Rods.

Using a pair of L shaped rods.   More


Gallery-DowsingCounterbalance Rod.

a pair of L rods as above with a weight behind the handle.   More



Dowsing Bobber or Dowsing Wand DR05Dowsing Wand or Dowsing Bobber.

Using a single springy rod with a weight on the end.   More





Your body acts as a pendulum.   More



Finger Locking.

Creating a chain type link with your index finger and your thumb of both hands.   More


Finger Rubbing.

Place your index finger and  thumb together at the tips and gently rub them together. More