Body Dowsing Is Using Your Body As A Pendulum

Body-Dowsing-cosmic-orderBody Dowsing is using your whole body as a pendulum that will sway one way for yes and another for no. The human body as a pendulum moves back and forth – or side to side. Place your feet about 12 to 18 inches apart and make sure you have something soft behind you like a sofa or armchair. Before you ask your question, close your eyes and ask what is yes, notice how your body moves. Then ask what is no, and notice your body again.


Now ask your body a question you know the answer to be (such as your name), and try it again with something you the answer to negative. You can now proceed with the question you need answer to. Trust the answer.

For the strongest answer place the question on a piece of paper hold it in your hand then bring your hand with the paper to your heart/chest area.

If you want to find out if something is good for you in a Supermaket or shop place one hand on an object to be tested close your eyes and ask is this good for me. Your answer will be given

Body Dowsing is FUN

As we progress through our day our bodies are indicating choices we make that we are unaware of it is called Body language or micro expressions. Our unconscious thoughts and emotions are expressed in our actions so why not harness them by body dowsing. Give your body a language, so you can communicate with your higher self or unconscious thoughts. If you do not like a drink or food your face will express it dislike by a wrinkle of the nose or a curling of the lip. These are things we are not aware of but our body is, use this knowledge to communicate with your body it knows best without prejudice or gain.

Science is sceptical about dowsing as it has no scientific outcome but it works and large companies use it to find minerals and water because it just works..