Body Dowsing

Body-Dowsing-cosmic-orderYour  body can be used as a pendulum that will sway forward and backwards or side to side. This will indicate your YES and your NO. To try this method place your feet about shoulder width apart with your hand on your heart area close your eyes and ask for a YES movement. The first time you try this be sure you have a soft landing as the reaction could be a large swing in one direction. Once you have determined in which direction your YES is find out your NO in the same manner.

Now you are armed with YES and NO proceed with some more questions like is my name (what ever it is), you should get a YES movement. Continue with the same question but insert someone elses name: you should get a NO. One final check get someone to write a question on a piece of paper fold it up and give it to you. Take the paper and place it at your heart area and ask for an answer.

Trust the answer.

If you want to check if something in a  Supermarket or shop place is good for you test it. Place one hand on the test food or object and the other on your heart area and ask ‘Is this good for me?’ Your answer will be given.