Aditional Special Beamer Sets

Aditional Special Radionic Beamers Sets

Rods of Oneness Handheld Radionic Beamers

Radun909 Rods of Oneness Hand held Radionic Beamers

Radun909 Rods of Oneness Hand held Radionic Beamers







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Machines that Radun909 Radionic Beamers can be used.

Radun909 can be used with the following Radun Radionics Machines or any machine with 2 x 3.5mm jack sockets.

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These beamers can be used as stand alone items


Radun Machines this item can be used with

Radun706   Can be added

Radun707   Can be added

Radun708   Fitted as Standard

Radun709   Fitted as Standard

Radun302   Can be added

Radun305   Can be added

Radun306   Fitted as Standard

Radun307   Fitted as Standard

Radun308   Can be added

Radun102   Can be added

Radun103   Can be added

Radun104   Fitted as Standard

Radun105   Fitted as Standard


Some useful information channelled by Master Serapis Bey
through Natalie Glasson.

The rods formed as an encoded consciousness extending from Sirian Masters to all developing civilisations within the expansive reality of the Creator. Like a frequency wave the technical information travelled to the Earth, being accepted by receptive souls. While several people on the Earth grasped and accessed this Sirian
information there was only a few who held the ability to comprehend the consciousness correctly and understand the intention of the Sirian Masters. Only a person truly aligned to the Creator was able to decode the consciousness, this was to hinder a miss interpretation of the information provided. The Sirian Masters had encapsulated specific instruction within a bubble of light that allowed a person to align their entire being to the energy of the Creator or an aspect of the Creator such as the Sirians. The instructions held within the consciousness could be interpreted only in one way, if one tried to taint or misread the information then they would find themselves frustrated and unable to complete the instructions offered. The Sirians had created a tool composed of light and intentions that allowed a person or soul to become aligned with anything that they placed focus upon. The Sirians named these rods the ‘Rods of Oneness,’ because they allowed an individual to experience a greater oneness with all in their surroundings, the spiritual planes and the Creator’s soul. Understanding the immense importance of their discovery, the Sirians worked to form the rods into a consciousness or equation that could be deciphered and understood by others. In many ways this was akin to writing the recipe or instructions down of how to manifest or build the rods.
Understanding the boost that these rods could offer to all manifestations of the Creator’s soul wishing to evolve back to their source, the Sirians constantly emanated their discovery over what would have been hundreds of Earth years.
Many people on the Earth accessed the information but only a few were able to interpret and manifest the Rods of Oneness completely, this resulted in many rods or wands being formed and used that contained half the process of the Rods of Oneness. Even on the Earth now we still see examples of tools that hold aspects of the Rods of Oneness.

It was in the Ancient Egyptian Period that evolving masters of Science and Spirituality discovered the consciousness of the Sirians and were able to transfer the light vibration into physical instructions that they could follow, understanding the physical materials that they could use to replicate the materials used by the Sirian Masters. Acknowledging the tool, of two rods, one copper and another of zinc, the developers of these rods placed their completed tool within a pure white lighted sacred temple asking the holy men and women of the day to step forward to experience the Rods of Oneness. The scientific masters observed the effects of the rods upon the body, the balancing and defusing of energy that the rods created, while the spiritual masters observed the thoughts and spiritual experiences of the individual holding the rods.

On a physical level the rods created an in depth alignment within the body bringing every aspect into harmony and balance, thus creating a perfected physical form or health. For the Egyptians this meant that their physical bodies became more resilient and stronger, as the Rods of Oneness began to purify their physical body they experienced many changes in the development of their mind, muscles and bones. Many would say that their physical body over a long period of time became enhanced or perfected able to hold greater volumes of light, but this also had its
implications as the atmosphere and surroundings of the Ancient Egyptians had to change otherwise contamination would occur to the physical body. In truth the Rods of Oneness allowed a person to develop to a state that their physical body became the temple that it had been intended to be in order to house the sacred soul within.
The spiritually inclined masters observed the thoughts and energy expansion of the individual. They realised that projection and acceptance were key abilities that the Rod of Oneness created. A person was able to project their inner soul and energies more fully into their reality while others were able to accept energies, consciousness
or enlightenment with greater ease. The rods became known as the Rods of Alignment because they assisted the individual in connecting certain aspects of their being as one in order to create a greater whole, understanding of themselves and completeness to their energy. For example, some people would build a connection with their personality and soul, or a connection with the soul and the mind. Others would realise their ability to project their energies into or to accept consciousness from other dimensions and civilisations, thus allowing the Egyptians to make many new discoveries and connections with the reality of the Creator that is beyond the Earth.

When using the rods the Egyptians gathered together and linked consciousness to build the energy around the person holding the rods in order to intensify the experiences of the individual, it was this that created such profound results. The Rod of Oneness or the Egyptian Rods influenced individuals differently but their name developed because of the Egyptians focus on connection, communication and alignment with the Creator and the worlds beyond the Earth.

With Sacred Blessings,
Master Serapis Bey

The Rods I have designed and made follow the template laid down by The Sirian Masters for todays world, time and needs.


Radun909    $169  Free Shipping

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