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3 Dial Radionics Black Box V5.5.5

3 Dial Radionics Machine

Radun301 Radionics Machine

Radun301 $145.00 Free Shipping

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Basic Three Dial Radionics Machine Black Box with no extras, but easy to use for the beginner.

A pendulum to set the rate.

Orgone Pendulum DR06

Orgone Pendulum to set the Rate







Size of the box is 80mm x 60mm x 65mm over the dials
This is a 3 dial mind machine, no batteries or electricity.

Why add negative energy?
Contained within the body of the box is one Orgone beamer module, a wire wrapped laser crystal and a wire wrapped vile of pure water. Herkimer Diamonds are also compressed within the Orgone Matrix.

This item comes complete with full instructions for use.

Radionics Unleashed

Body – Mind – Time – Correction

Radionic Machines that are made using Orgone matrix material are ideal machines for healing or manifestation.

Radionics can be used as stand-alone healing devices or they can be used in conjunction with Reiki, Spiritual and Biofield repair and healing.

Let’s now discover the various aspects that are important in this process.


We consider ourselves as flesh, bone, blood and a physical solid being that can move, pick up things, eat, drink and break bones. In other words, we are solid material beings that could not be made up of energy! But in reality, your Body is a complicated collection of energies and frequencies of varying densities.


Mind does not mean Brain.
The brain is a physical part of the material body.
The brain is the auto pilot of the physical body.
The mind is not physical!
Thought is not physical!
The brain is physical!
Thought does not originate from the brain!
Thought comes from the Universal Consciousness, mind, The I am, God, the Universal Energy or whatever label you wish to put upon it. But not the brain!


Time is created for us to survive in the physical. When we are in the physical we have a start (birth) and an end (death) so time is a straight line. Birth———————–Death and everything in between is our “life” our physical life. Time is a delay! If time is taken out of the equation healing and manifestation can be instant. If thought or mind power is used to achieve, then time is not a factor because mind is not physical


Radionics is the Correction Apparatus that can be used to rectify problems in health and surroundings. Radionics allows healing to take place outside the physical environment, thus eliminating “Time.” The mind is integrated with physical laws and science to make connections with the Universal Consciousness outside of the time restraints. Making the time issue, irrelevant.

Radionics For Healing


Radionics allows a practitioner to adjust the subtle energy fields of nature. The healing is not so much directed at the physical reality of the body, but rather, at the subtle energy matrix level. Radionics is a method of balancing and analysing subtle energy of the body’s own bio-energy fields (Aura). This is a method of healing or manifesting at a distance using a radionics device, these treatments can be provided in two ways, either in person, or at a distance, any distance.
Many practitioners in holistic health apply radionics to determine and identify the subtle energy imbalances that are associated with disease in the physical body. Radionics is able to acknowledge the underlying causes that subsequently manifest as physical conditions. Identifying energy imbalances and disease patterns at the pre-physical level enables the practitioner to re balance any potential problems later on in life.


 There is a challenging aspect of subtle energy research and researchers have noted a variety of responses by the physical form after balancing the subtle body energy fields. Each chakra governs a specific area of the body, and has a specific wavelength and vibrational rate. It is feasible to identify where a chakra is malfunctioning, by understanding how each chakra affects a special body function. Each of the physical organs within the human body has its personal energy-level and its personal shape and function.


You’re spatial or universe boundaries release as your experience and awareness of space expands. You become reconnected, as your belief systems reassess and integrated, as mental obstructions dissolve and unpattern. Things occur that ordinarily do not, when one is able to access the void.



The witness provides the focus of attunement between practitioner and patient during radionics and analysis treatment. The effect of radionics is said to lie in the frequencies or rates it measures and then feeds back to the patient. Effectiveness is unconditional of the distance between patient and practitioner providing an energetic sample of the patient is obtained. Radionics treatments can be provided in two ways, either in person, or at a distance.

Radun301 Radionics Machine

Radun301   $145    Free Shipping

Buy Radun301 Radionics Machine



Basic 3 Dial Radionics Machine


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