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140mm Aura Amplifier

 This Aura Amplifier

Aura Amplifier OB16

Aura Amplifier OB16

Item No  OB17  140mm


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This item is the size of a pencil for you to carry around with you easily, it comes in 2 lengths 100mm and 140mm x 8mm diameter. It is made of copper with 1 Herkimer Diamond moulded in each end also there are powdered high vibration crystals inside.

Although this is not officially an Orgone beamer or generator it is included in this section as it has the ability to expand your aura by being an orgone accumulator. The Aura Amplifier is a very simple device reacting to physical, mental and emotional situations of the mind.

By carrying this device your personal aura is strengthened enabling you to compensate against outside negative energies which impinge on us on a daily basis. We are bombarded with WiFi, mobile phones, G3, G4, Radio waves, television signals, cordless items, EMF, Electro-smog, Radar, Electrical ring mains and countless other electronic devices.

As our aura, bio energy field or L Field is the major part of our existence, without it we are dead. We should take care of our aura, just because we can not see it we should not ignore it. You can not see the radio waves or WiFi but we know that they are there because the radio works or the WiFi works. Our auras work but perhaps not as efficient as they could, thus we get ill.

When you first pick up the Aura Amplifier you may feel sensations around and on your body. The energy of the wand is felt differently for each individual, sometimes tingling in the hands and or arms, sometimes on the top of the head as the crown charka opens, energy may be felt at one or more different chakras also. We have tested these aura amplifiers on an aura camera linked to a computer screen so we could see exactly what happens to the chakra system when the aura amplifier is held in the hand. As soon as the amplifier was introduced to the person’s aura all the chakras started working hard and enlarging, the colour red swept through the aura for a few seconds then the chakras seemed to start to work in pairs with the pairings changing all the time as the red colour receded. The chakras came back to normal with colours of blues and greens coming in as the chakras become aligned, balanced and harmonised. Lastly we saw the Kundalini working its way through the chakra system starting at the root and going up to the individuals level of awareness. So whether you actually feel anything or not when holding the amplifier, the energy will be aligning, balancing and harmonising your chakra system. If you held the AA for five minutes a day or even just a couple of times a week, you would be increasing the life force energy taken into your body via your chakra system hence enhancing your physical health.

Be kind to your aura and help keep yourself fit and healthy.


Aura Amplifier 140mm

Item No  OB17  $10

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